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First Class Baseball and Softball Training Facility in Dacula, GA.

Our facility was completely renovated in 2023. We offer the highest end technology in baseball and softball training. We are fully equipped with the machines and technology to provide your youth player with the results you've been looking for. We are the ONLY facility in Georgia with this stack of technology and training machines.

Monthly Memberships

Memberships starting as low as $50/month.

Private Lessons

Hitting and fielding lessons with our first class trainers.

Parties and Events

Host a birthday party or team event.

Precision Analytics, Perfect Execution: Elevate Your Play with Tech-Driven Training

Welcome to our premium baseball and softball training facility, where technology meets excellence to elevate your game like never before. We take pride in offering first-class training tools and advanced technology, ensuring you receive the finest coaching and training experience available.

Our cutting-edge data-driven approach provides a unique advantage, helping you unlock your true potential. From precision swing analysis to real-time performance metrics, our tech-infused training ensures you receive personalized insights to perfect your skills.

Led by a team of expert coaches, our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed to optimize your growth as an athlete. Whether you're a budding talent or a seasoned player, our machines and software cater to all skill levels, delivering unparalleled results.


Welcome to our state-of-the-art hitting simulator, where technology and analytics merge to provide hitters with instantaneous feedback on their swings. Meet the HitTrax hitting system - a game-changer in the world of baseball and softball training. With real-time measurements, this cutting-edge system captures crucial data, including exit velocity, distance, launch angle, batting average, SLG/OPS%, and even offers video feedback and Catcher POP times.

Gone are the days of waiting for results; HitTrax delivers instant insights, empowering hitters to make quick adjustments and improve their game in real-time. Whether you're honing your skills or fine-tuning your swing mechanics, this advanced simulator gives you an edge like never before. Elevate your performance, analyze your progress, and become the player you've always envisioned with the transformative power of HitTrax. Embrace the future of hitting training and unleash your true potential in every swing.

FungoMan Automated Practice Machine

Experience the ultimate evolution in baseball and softball training with the FungoMan FM-250. Designed to transform the way players practice, this cutting-edge training system brings innovation, precision, and efficiency to every aspect of your training regimen.

This one of a kind FungoMan practice machine throws infield and outfield ground balls, line drives, popups, and fly balls. Set up on the mound and throw batting practice with fastballs and curves.

FungoMan Dual Pitching Machine

This multifaceted pitching machine redefines the way athletes train. Pitch types include fastballs, curveballs, and knuckleballs. Two separate bins for baseball and softball, complete with automated impeller feeding system. Lights cue hitters to prepare and maximize timing.

Simply controlled by a user-friendly kiosk, this versatile and multifaceted pitching machine provides accurate, repetitive, and timely pitching.Serves athletes in multiple sports, including baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball.

Hack Attack

Experience the unparalleled precision of the Hack Attack pitching machine, boasting a distinctive three-wheel design that brings the sensation of facing a live pitcher right to the plate. This innovative setup allows hitters to track the ball's trajectory from the feeding motion, through acceleration, to release, ensuring a crystal-clear view throughout.

With this game-changing design, hitters gain an authentic live-arm sense of timing and location, as they can see the stride and angle of release. A quick adjustment of the Hack Attack dials effortlessly unleashes major league fastballs, along with both right- and left-handed breaking pitches, such as curveballs, sliders, and split fingers.

Unlike conventional two-wheel machines that necessitate cumbersome and time-consuming adjustments for switching from fastballs to breaking pitches, our exclusive three-wheel design seamlessly alters the breaking pitch plane with simple wheel speed dials.

Empowering Young Players to Excel

Maghan Cockrell

This place is top-notch! The new owners have completely renovated the place and added in so much technology to help young players. My baseball and softball player both train here and have improved so much!!!

Britt Taylor

The completely renovated facility looks fantastic, with new indoor turf, batting cages and an updated viewing area. Premier is equipped with the latest technology to help your player take his/her game to the next level. The new owners are personable, professional and a pleasure to interact with.

Our son has been taking lessons with Premier’s, Coach Rob Debrino-the BEST batting, pitching and fielding coach, as well as a former major league player and a stellar role model, who will improve your player’s game, confidence and attitude(if needed ;-).

Meaghan Hagewood

The new owners have really taken pride in making this space amazing! Our son loves going for lessons and has learned so much already!

Trisha Collier

We started going to the facility a couple months before it was bought and made over into Premier Athletics. The changes and upgrades that have been made to the facility are jaw dropping. The staff and Coach Rob have been amazing and my kids love when they have a lesson because it is a great atmosphere to be in!

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Developing Players On And Off The Field.

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